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Airtel 4G in Jalandhar

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    Default Airtel 4G in Jalandhar

    Airtel has launched their 4G services yet again in another city and its again in Punjab. Jalandhar is the new city to have 4G services. The service is available for iPhone users who have the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, all they need to do is upgrade their sim card to a USIM or 4G sim.

    The 4G services by Airtel can also be used on the 4G Airtel dongle or the WiFi CPE.

    Cost of a new dongle is Rs1500 and cost of the CPE is Rs2500.

    For customers who wish to know more about the Airtel 4G service free demos are available at the Airtel Office in Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar.
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    This is such a joke. My village which is in Jallandhar district and now falls under the corporation and does not have a panchayat (which means it is part of the city now) does not have Airtel 3G signals. This was true until last month so I assume there is still no 3G there. Jallandhar is not a very big city either and the areas surrounding my village have extremely dense population and Airtel has no excuse not to have a tower there. 4g is still an experiment for Airtel.

    Another thing to note is that Airtel claims to have 4G in Chandigarh too and 3G was there already by the Airforce station at Chandigarh which is a part of the city and cannot be termed as outskirt does not yet have 3G signals leave alone 4G. You would be licky to get 3 bars of Airtel GSM signals there.

    Government needs to make it mandatory for license holders to provide services in the entire area they have a license for and not just the cit centres which seems ot be the case with Airtel in Jallandhar and Chandigarh.

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