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Aircel USSD Prepaid and Postpaid Codes

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    Default Aircel USSD Prepaid and Postpaid Codes

    There have been recent thread opened for Airtel USSD codes, Idea USSD codes and Vodafone USSD codes and to add to this here is a thread for Aircel USSD codes. USSD codes are useful and easy, some people do not even know what they are. So for Aircel users here is a list of the USSD codes which would help Aircel users to know information about their 2G/3G balance, find out their number, balance and transfering their balance to another number.

    Aircel Prepaid USSD Codes

    Main account balance - *111# or *125# or SMS BAL to 121

    Check GPRS data balance - *133# or *126*6# or *126*4# or *126*1# or *301#

    Check 2G data balance - *133# or *111*10# or *122*122# or *122*011#

    Check 3G data balance - *111*9# or *122*122#

    Find out your mobile number - *131# or *1#

    3G activation - START 3G to 121

    Balance Transfer - *122*666#

    Aircel Postpaid USSD Codes

    The keywords for each instructions needs to be sent to 121 from the Aircel mobile phone.

    Information on 3G services - 3G or 9
    Check your handset compatibilty - Check 3G
    Get Info on 3G Coverage Availability - COVERAGE3G
    Register Network Related Complaint - NOSIGNAL
    To Activate 3G on existing 2G numbers - START 3G
    To Deactivate 3G - STOP 3G
    Register Network Related Complaint - NOSIGNAL
    Register Network Related Complaint - CALLDROP
    Request for Bill Plan - Change BPC
    Details on Latest Scheme - LATEST POST
    Aircel Relationship Number - ACCOUNT
    WAP Browsing Charges - CHARGE WAP
    Schemes on New Postpaid connection - New POST
    Req dup-bill - DUPBILL
    Bill Not Received Complaint - BNR
    “E-Bill” - START EBILL
    “Only Paper Bill” Subscription - STOP EBILL
    Itemized Bill Subscription - START ITEMBILL
    Itemized Bill UnSubscription - STOP ITEMBILL
    One time Itemized Bill - ITEMBILL
    Check the Security Deposit - SD
    Know the Relationship Number/Credit Limit - ACC or 1
    Know the Last 2 Payment Details (Amount/Date/Mode) - PYMT
    Know the bill details (Outstanding Amt/Due Date/Bill Cycle/Bill Mode) - BILL or 2
    Know the current unbilled amount - UNB
    Recharge Method(Prepaid) - RCHARGE
    Details on Latest Scheme - LATEST PRE
    WAP Browsing Charges - CHARGE WAP
    Schemes on New Prepaid connection - New PRE
    Know the current balance & validity - BAL
    3G Info in Prepaid & Postpaid Help Menu - HELP
    Know last two SR Status - SRSTATUS or 3
    Update Alternate contact number - CONTACT
    Update email ID - EMAIL
    Check Email ID - My Email
    Check Alternate Contact Number - My Contact
    MMS Charges - CHARGE MMS
    Drop Box address and location - Store
    Pay Centre - PayCentre
    Office AIRCEL - OFFICE
    Appellate - APPELLATE
    Nodal - NODAL
    Get GPRS settings - GPRS
    Get WAP settings - WAP
    Get MMS settings - MMS
    Get VAS Help Menu - VAS or 4
    Get GPRS/WAP/MMS settings - ALL
    Know the Preferred Language - LANG
    Activation of Dialer Tune Service - START DT
    Deactivation of Dialer Tune Service - STOP DT
    Activation of Voice Chat Service - START VC
    Deactivation of Voice Chat Service -STOP VC
    Activation of Music On Call Service - START MOC
    Deactivation of Music On Call Service - STOP MOC
    Activation of Missed Call Alert Service - START MCA
    Deactivation of Missed Call Alert Service - STOP MCA
    Display PUK details - PUK
    To provide national roaming operator tie-up details - ROAMING
    To provide International Roaming charges -ROAM
    To check Wifi location - WiFi

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    Thanks for putting this together and sharing here. I am sure a lot of visitors will find this useful.

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    Aircel has so many more USSD codes than other mobile service providers. Would the other service provider have these USSD codes as well, but just have not mentioned them?

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