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VOIP data not included in Airtel data pack

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    Default VOIP data not included in Airtel data pack

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but is it true that Airtel will now not include VOIP data in the normal data plans? Instead launch a new VOIP data plan?

    If this is the case it is a big mistake by Airtel, taking money from customers is their first priority and because now WhatsApp may start providing voice services, they have already thought of a way to get their money from the!

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    Apparently the new terms and conditions specify this. There was a news item in Times of India also recently.
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    How stupid is this? People would just stop using VOIP services, I mean recharging two packs for your mobile phone is ridiculous.

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    The voip data pack is Rs75 gets you 75mb valid for 28 days. There may be other packs too but this is the one I know of.

    I do not use voip on 3G network due to the lag but honestly speaking I will just stop using Airtel 3G all together just because they are trying to milk their customers in ways that I couldnt even imagine. Not a welcome move in my opinion.

    Those people who do use voip over 3G will most likely change provider thanks to MNP.

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    If this is the case I really hope that Airtel lower their regular data packs, because getting two packs would work out to be expensive.

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