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Aircel Promotional calls nightmare

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    Default Aircel Promotional calls nightmare

    I have been trying hard to get DND working for me for sometime now.. but aircel is incapable of stopping even the aircel promotional calls.

    Today, on 19th June, 2010, a Saturday, I got the following Promotional calls at the following times,

    9710432717 - 2:13 PM
    9094027289 - 4:29 PM
    9710933822 - 5:49 PM
    9941924634 - 6:19 PM
    9710432718 - 6:44 PM
    9710933825 - 7:03 PM
    and still counting......

    The guys at aircel are smart enough to think that I WOULD FEEL LIKE CHANGING MY DIALERTUNE *SIX* TIMES A DAY..

    Anyway, they say it ll take 45 working days to stop all calls, (this number varies based on which Customer care rep picks it up)

    So, this is my last day with Aircel. I am moving over to Vodafone, just because of those lovely Dialer tune calls, which I have never set in my mobile...Bye Aircel!

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    Dialler Tunes?? I thought it was the only problem for me

    They put new tunes even when i did not apply for it, lot of advertisment calls and stuffs.

    Had to quit Aircel for That.

    Docomo Rocks

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    Sounds really bad... but seems to be a big problem with all operators. Had a harrowing time with them with Idea and Reliance. With Idea, when I activated DND, most calls stopped within the week. Idea calls totally stopped... other calls/SMSes took bit longer... but much less than 45 days. I still get the occasional SMS which I promptly forward to Idea for action against the sender.

    Problem with DND is that they stop useful tariff/recharge/etc related offers also! But even thats ok... no way I can put up with those promo calls/SMSes 100 times a day.

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    Even I Had same prob with aircel but I did not stop using it, I called their cust care and blasted like anything and got DND activated and an amount of Rs.100 or so refunded, as without my knowledge through such computerised calls they activated services of good morning , sweet dream sms service n some cricket pack during IPL, had to really shout at them to get refund,,, one big thing is if the cust care is intelligent your work will be done , else if you get connected to a dummy cust care then he will keep on telling sorry for inconvenience and it will be done in 48 hrs...

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    Ya, that's right.... When they begin to tell about 48hrs, you know it's not going to happen.... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by vorazeal View Post
    Docomo Rocks
    I used to have the same notion. Now they activated NGC (nazara games club) pack on my number. The tariff for the service is 30/- per week.

    I did not activate this service. Docomo personnel is giving me false promises since the previous two months. Inspite of repeated calls, they did not deactivate the service. Every time, they give me some strange explanations. Someone even stated that NGC stands for National Geographic Channel (kudos to that guy).

    I have filed complaint tickets with them. They close these tickets without informing me.

    Right now, I am not using the sim. I fear that if I recharge, they will deduct 30/- per week!

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