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    Default airtel 3g speedtest from delhi

    hi guys today i have check the airtel 3g speed in new delhi . this is sample of speed test .ckeck attached file for link .

    airtel providing 4mbps 3g in delhi . but there connection is not so stable mean after sometime speed drop & increase abruptly .

    no doubt speed is good but still cost is very high .

    i think till now mtnl 3g is best in NCR (delhi).
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    Wink any specific data recharge +plans or debit from main a/c?

    In speed test it gives a link -"forum copy" -press copy and paste in the reply thread body. No need for word files attachment.

    Could any one find Airtel 3g All india coverage map (cities)and post it ?
    Similar one for Aircel and Airtel if one can find from their respective sites!

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    appreciated, but ....

    IDman is not a ideal testing tool as its a download manager and it really boost the download speed where you are getting a speed of 550+ speed.
    again, test the speed with mumbai server while using with speedtest, not with delhi server.

    try a normal download from microsoft [disable bandwidth sharing (20% by default) as you are using XP]

    ulysses.. for yor info
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    someone hack airtel 3g

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