i have been using airtel 3G from the date where it started.
last i recharged my account on 8tth or 9th of april which is supposed to be finished by today 8th of april.
because of my accessive usage and low amount of plan i selected, the plan got finished by 25th of april only.
as the balance was lower than 50MB i tried to recharge my self, still 121 gave me messages that your free usage is still more than 50MB (no 2G service is activated in my phone).
i called customer care 7-8 times but what they endup saying is "hame khed he" and "hum maafi chahte he" but those useless people dont do anything.

lastly in anger i talked with some sales executive guy called amit and he said give me 4 hrs i'll do it, its more than 72hrs now and nothing has been done.

yesterday was 8th of april so technically today 9th of april i can recharge my phone, because its end of month, still the same message keeps coming that your free data is more than 50MB and you can't activate it...

please anyone can help me regarding this.. or if anyone can tell me proper way to lead this thing in consumer forum... thank youscreenshot_2012-05-09_0752[1].png