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joining two different networks

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    Default joining two different networks

    I have this computer with an airtel connection (which does not belong to any network), which i want to connect to my friend's computer (which belongs to a network). how can we set our computers so that we can share our files without me joining his network ? (my connection is dynamic and my friend's static, and i'm not speaking about remote desktop). please help.

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    You can do it through Internet connection only.

    Your friend's LAN location? How far ?
    see this picture.
    computer 1: you .
    computer 2 your friend
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    There are only two ways to connect two computers - via intranet and via internet.

    Intranet means a LAN/W-WAN that is created via a domain or workgroup. This is the best way as all computers in a LAN/W-LAN are inside the firewall and can connect via MS Windows network.

    Internet is more difficult. This can only be achieved by peer-to-peer networking on I-NET using software such as LimeWire or uTorrent. In case of dynamic IP, you will have to know the IP before adding the IP in P2P software.
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