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DLink DSL-502T not working properly.

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    Default DLink DSL-502T not working properly.

    i am using DLink DSL-502T router.i have no problem with broadband network.The problem is when ever i am using internet at night due to fluctuation in powersupply ( only in summer) ADSL light is suddenly blinking and stops glowing,thus internet connection is cut off.Then i switch it off and i will switch on,now the internet is connected.It continous whenever there is fluctuation in power supply.All the power supply is given to computer and router is from UPS.I also tried to give supply directly from the power supply to the router,but no use.I am using Frontech JIL-2513 UPS.what should i do?

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    Default Same Problem... please help

    hi everyone,
    i use a MTNL Triband connection and i am also facing the same problem with my router. I called MTNL customer care but counldn't get any help on this matter. Could someone please assist?

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    well im not sure about the exact reason , but this happened to my old ups , where the connection didnt stick.. but then i bought another one few years later , and that worked perfectly..
    i dont know how this is going to help you

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    post this page.

    Give details of the power adapter.
    IF the Power supply required is 12 V.D.C
    Observing Polarity +Ve -ve, connect the modem
    Directly to 12 volts UPS battery if used outside. the UPS box.

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    Default Dsl-502t

    DSL-502T is a pathetic product.....lots of issues with this product.....Nothing ever is going to happen.No firmware is also available......?

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