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Fair Usage Policy limit for Airtel 599 plan

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    Default Fair Usage Policy limit for Airtel 599 plan


    Does any body have any idea what is the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit for the Airtel's 599 plan?

    Below it the plan description on Airtel site:

    Surf 599 Night Unlimited

    Monthly Commitment (Rs.) 599
    Broadband Data Transfer Limit Day (8 am-10 pm) - 5 GB, Night (10 pm-8 am) - Unlimited
    Download Speed 512 Kbps
    Additional BB Usage (Rs./MB) 0.60
    Call Duration: Internet NA


    Hardware charges Modem Router Wifi
    Registrationcharges(Non refundable) NA NA Rs.500-Optional
    Purchase NA NA NA
    Rental ( per month ) Free NA Free

    Speed Qualifier: Speed indicated is the speed up to our ISP node.
    Broadband is defined as an always on Internet connection with a minimum download speed of 256 Kbps. 8 Mbps plans available only in selected cities, up to a maximum distance if 1.5 kms from the RSU or Node.

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    I think FUP is applicalbe only for unlimited download/upload accounts. Time based or volume based accounts even with night Unlimited Plans does not fall under the FUP policy. Not 100% sure about Airtel.

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    Yes it is only applicable to unlimited broadband plans.
    You need not worry!

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    Why is it called fair when it limits usage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasundra View Post
    Why is it called fair when it limits usage
    Fair usage policy is applicable on plans above 256 kbps only.

    The contention is that an unlimited user when excessively downloading is hogging all the bandwidth. Since the bandwidth pipe is shared in a contention ratio (50:1 in case of BSNL, no idea about Airtel), it means that other users who are not downloading so much get deprived of the speed. Or it puts too much load on the ISP's network to provide consistent speed. Hence they are capping it.

    Airtel says that they have given a generous limit - 100 GB. FUP is implemented by some ISPs abroad also.

    We may not like it but we have to live with it.
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    I think you have mentioned the plan details wrongly

    Airtel 599 plan - speed 128 kbps,unlimited for the whole day

    This is what i got from Airtel customer care,correct me if i am wrong

    And i am looking for a plan which has night unlimited and day limited.

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    Yes your are right : Airtel 599 plan - speed 128 kbps,unlimited for the whole day.

    But you can with 699 plan - speed 256 kbps,unlimited for the whole day plus 100 free calls.

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