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Voip service blocked by Airtel Broadband

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    Default Voip service blocked by Airtel Broadband

    My neighbor has been using voip services from his PC for quite a while now, and just recently he got a new Airtel broadband connection and since he got his connection his voip service is not working. He is using the Voip ATA with gizmo project and now there is no dial tone, so unable to make any calls, along with this the ATA light is not coming up.

    His internet connection is working as normal with the right speed, so what would be the problem with the Voip not working?

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    Mention the ADSL modem/model/make supplied by AIRTEL.
    If the VOIP Unit has LCD display does it show any error message/s ?
    Can you access the settings page/s of the VOIP?
    Give details of the unit.
    Usually the Ip will be ( for vonage)
    When you change the RJ45 from modem to GIzmo and again
    use another RJ45 to computer does the Internet work ?
    Are you on "Dialer" Mode .
    Computer need not be kept "ON" for VOIP serrvice.
    ( switch on as and when required).
    VOIP is not blocked by Airtel.
    My set up beetel 110BX1== Rj45 >>Vonage==>> Rj45>>Netgear614V6 WIfi ~~


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