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Your emails find you automatically. No dial up and no waiting.

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    Default Your emails find you automatically. No dial up and no waiting.

    BlackBerry from Airtel is an 'always connected' wireless solution
    providing easy and secure access to your corporate email and data.

    With your BlackBerry from Airtel you can...

    * Use your existing business email address
    o BlackBerry from Airtel integrates seamlessly with your company email system (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino) using your existing e-mail and corporate mailbox.
    * Send emails and Receive emails instantly
    o All the emails you've read, deleted or moved to a folder will show on both your handset device and your desktop. It uses over-the air technology so there's no need to manually synchronise yourmessage activity.
    o You can see more of each individual email - with up to 32kb downloaded in one go.
    o You can also create personal email 'distribution lists' and send emails to a predefined group of contacts.
    * Read email attachments
    o With the BlackBerry's own Integrated Attachment Solution in the BES software you can read attachments in the following file types: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, WordPerfect and PDF.

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    It sounds very easy on paper or when itd documented in forums. It aint that easy. i have seen a lot of times synch issues coming up with airtel blackberrys. I'm sure the people who are using would surely agree with me that the first time it was very difficult to synch the machine tih the Blackberry.

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