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Rapidshare and IDM problem in Airtel

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    Default Rapidshare and IDM problem in Airtel

    I use Window 7 Ultimate Edition as my OS. Off late, whenever I queue up my downloads in Internet Download Manager (V.51.8 build 5), by morning most of them have stopped and show 'error' in their status. When I check the error, it says 'connection timed out' or 'cannot download the file because of timeout'. This has only started happening since I shifted to Win7. Before that it worked fine in IDM on Windows XP.

    What could be the issue? I tried older version of IDM as well, but no use.

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    i think ur new installation of win7 has hibernation enabled just change settings and also check ur modem settings and also check if airtel is block rapidshare or if u are using idm right, i never get any problems while using rapidshare premium account with vista nad orbit manager

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    yea, hibernation is the major problem, just put it to off, at night when you idle, your PC switches on to hibernate mode and all the processes are turned off (temporary)...

    & same here i never had problem with WIN7 & IDM.

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