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Airtel wimax in india

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    Default Airtel wimax in india

    Bharti Airtel a name that is known to millions of subscribers in India and a ruler in telecommunication market with its quality services and technology, offering its WIMAX technology in collaboration with Alvarion, with an intention to expand its WIMAX network services for its subscribers and business users in major Indian cities. The agreement between Bharti Airtel and Alvarion was signed in 2006, for service enterprise customers.

    Alvarion Limited is also one of the leading suppliers of state of the art solutions and provider of wireless broadband services and in information and communications, using integrated WIMAX solutions to expand WIMAX NETWORS all over India.

    With WIMAX TECHNOLGY, Airtel is offering its customers better services in telecommunication industry in all major Indian cities, in cellular and fixed network infrastructure so that customers can have quick and affordable data services in new market.

    Airtel is also the leading private sector service provider in telecommunications and first choice of most of the Indian subscribers simply because of it high technology and innovation, making a long list of more than 15 millions customers. Airtel is the only operator to offer mobile solutions in all major circles in India and also provides telephone services and internet connection over DSL in large and small areas. The company offers its mobile services, broadband and telephone solutions along with national and international long distance services.

    In addition, to provide better and quality services to its valued national and international customers, Airtel has major plans to build submarine cable landing stations in other major cities other than Chennai, where itís well equipped cable landing station working effectively connecting Chennai and Singapore.

    Through the backbone of nationwide fiber optic services and WIMAX technology, company is determined to provide end to end date and enterprise solutions to corporate clients.

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    when will they start wimax??

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    Yes, I have also same q which asked by vinit.

    Why anyone didn't answer the thread after vinit. is their lack of information or interst by people.

    I requested to admin or other team members please provide solution for Wimax.

    I am living in area where only BSNL gives services and i have currently BSNL wimax but not satisfied with that too cheap class services. from last 2 day due to very little fog internet didn't work for me. after sun problem remains same. in am living in chandigarh that is not a big coldy area in winter also. but as atmosphere is clear at 19-20, 2013 and wimax didn't support. how cheap services i am facing.

    So i want to any airtel wimax services because i also gone to airtel site but didn't get any support from chat.
    I also interst to know if any other connect, tata etc are providing wimax technology. primarily on airtel
    also provide monthly charges, plan-speed etc

    Thanks & Regards
    Highprsubmissionlist dot com

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