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Connect Modem to USB

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    Default Connect Modem to USB

    I am using Airtel Beetel 110TC1 modem to surf the internet and I cant surf the internet in the absence of power since the modem will work using the power .

    I am just wondering is there a way I can use this modem in the absence of power , may be by using the USB adaptor by taking the power from laptop using USB.

    Thanks in advance

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    The power requirement for this modem
    Beetel 110TC1 may be 5V D.C at 1 amp.
    Power demand 5 Watts.
    9V/12 V at 1 Amp max Power 12 W.
    confirm. tapping from USB port will drain the laptop battery , I feel. ( other details not known)

    I have and also used a ZYXel adsl modem
    (Prestige630)with only USB PORT.
    Power required 2.5 Watts.

    Better idea will be to use a Motorcycle Battery of 6V/12V. details if needed.

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