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how to share wireless internet connection?

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    Question how to share wireless internet connection?

    i have Airtel wireless system installed at my place to use internet on my wireless enabled laptop. How do i use wireless connection on other wireless technology laptop?

    do i need a some kind of software for that or i would have to contact the airtel people?

    PS: i dont know if i have airtel 3g wireless system or simple wireless system.
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    (A)Mention whether your Internet connection is
    landline based ( with a modem/router supplied by Airtel rent free) or
    (B) using some Datacard/Usb Modem supplied by Airtel which you plug in ONE laptop.
    Airtel has/ not introduced 3G
    (C) feedback
    Start RUN type cmd
    New window
    ipconfig /all
    Copy Paste the data here.
    You may have to buy a special
    WIFI router [ for (B)], if you need to use more than one laptop in the house/home/flat.

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    This may help.

    Connectify - Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    All you need is a wifi enabled laptop using which you can access the net.

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