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doubt reg airtel's doubling speed for all existing plans

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    Default doubt reg airtel's doubling speed for all existing plans

    Hi admin and fellow forum-ites..

    1) I have a doubt with regard to the existing old Unlimited airtel plans whose speeds have been doubled recently from 256Kbps to basic speed of 512 Kbps..Is there any Fair Usage Policy limit for this increased speed or the same speed goes forever ie.unlimited b/w consumption?

    (btw I knw that now there might be speed dips cuz of underground cable repair work but am talking in general perspective)

    2) also I hear from a lot of threads that airtel has been blocking torrent sites like piratebay, katz etc..for all schemes like impatience, the old Unlimited schemes, home schemes etc.. Is there any authenticity to this piece of information or is it hearsay info?

    Tks and best regards to all.

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    I am on an unlimited plan and and other BT sites open but doesn't

    At the moment , most of my friends on 256 unlimited have been upgraded to 512 unlimited. There is no word about the rest , I am on the Old Explore 1099 Plan [384 morning / 1Mbps Nite Unlimited - Discontinued ] and I am still waiting for a speed hike

    I guess the speed hike is only for constant speed unlimited plans , like 256 or 512 Unlimited day and night , but I can be wrong , all CS says when I call them is that the speed hike is for all customers for all plans but lets wait till the end of June to be 100% sure !

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    Ya Even From Some Days My Downloading Speed Is Increased from 30-35 to 60-65
    I am Using Unlinited Plan With 256kb/sec .

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    were r u guy's from?

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