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Adsl modem to non adsl wifi router.

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    Default Adsl modem to non adsl wifi router.

    Hey guys ...
    M using the following things.
    ISP- Airtel
    Adsl Modem- beetel 220bxi
    Wifi Router (non adsl)- iBall Baton iB-WRX150N

    I connected the wire provided from the isp to my adsl modem and the ethernet output of the modem to the wan port of my router and the secondary output (1-4) from my router to my laptop. Tried quick configuration by providing the username and password of my isp but its not connecting. Please help me.

    It just keeps showing me "Connecting.." but doesnt connect.

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    Previous thread:

    Beetel 220BxI
    If you are on "Dialer"mode ( un check box "bridged" in wan Page)
    Chnage to PPP/PPPoE and enter
    your USERID/PW in wan page

    (b) Usually in LAN menu page
    Enable DHCP and enter to 192.168.X ( X=10 to 254)

    (c) Save reboot Wait 2 Minutes.

    (d) Check you are connected to Internet and can surf.

    (e) Now retry for WIFI mode.

    (f) Any problem copy/paste ipconfig /all
    ONLY for LAN and WLAN modes ( No tunnel data )
    Or save as a *.doc or *.txt
    and post as annexure here.
    This will save members the trouble of scrolling the page again and again.

    FEEEDBACK item wise please.
    ( I "think" you have same problem pending since 9th Nov 2010)
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