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How to : Configure Airtel Binatone DT815 with Linksys WRT54G wireless router

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    Default How to : Configure Airtel Binatone DT815 with Linksys WRT54G wireless router


    I am trying to help my wife setup our LINKSYS WRT54G wireless router that she took to India from the US recently. We have taken AIRTEL broadband unlimited plan. In the US we used to plug the router in to the modem and setup the wifi router from the computer and VOILA it used to work out of the box. However it looks like in India it is not all that simple. The fact that i am helping her remotely only makes this more complex. We also dont know the default username and password for the Binatone dt815 modem\router, "admin" & "admin" or "admin" & "password" does not work for the modem login.

    I found some clear instructions on the internet for the AIRTEL Beetel modems but nothing on Binatone DT815. Before we call a airtel support guy i am wondering if anyone has done this and can send me detailed steps a layman can follow?

    PS : I even tried changing the wifi routers default IP from to as someone had suggested in another forum, but no luck even after that. System says wifi has no internet. We configured WEP for our wifi security.

    Doing windows troubleshooting tells me that there is a problem with the internet access point or connection between wifi and modem.

    thanks in advance
    Mahesh S
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    See this guide for wrt54g set up.
    connect Binatone in "PPP/PPPoE mode"
    Enable DHCP. etc .

    Since you are trying remotely to set up the connection, confirm you use Team viewer to access the system in India.
    Means , modem Binatone is connected to Internet. in lan or wifi mode.
    If it is a wifi model no need for Dlink wifi router. confirm.
    check when connected to Internet
    What Is My IP Address? Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more...
    say 122.xx.xx.xx
    get that ip ( from her if needed )
    and type in your browser. ( when online same time )
    It is expected you can access the modem/router settings andmake needed changes in WIFI page>

    Type only for the web site.
    As I don't have this modem unable to confirm.
    This tool may be for password change for wifi in Binatone.
    See this thread for more details.

    DT815 also should be similar. ( may be without wifi)
    Please see my signature link 220BX

    Please confirm the modem menu pages are similar.
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    Default How it was resolved

    Well the issue i had above was finally resolved.

    We had to call in the Airtel guy as part of the solution. Our Binatone DT815 non-wifi modem was setup in bridge mode due to us having a limited data plan at first with manual connect for internet (we later upgraded to unlimited). Putting modem in PPoE mode from bridge mode (as per AIRTEL guy) solves the problem and allows all devices including the WIFI router to sense the internet automatically. Once he did this setting change the rest was easy following guidelines in the link below.

    For those who took unlimited plan during initial setup by Airtel, you should not be affected by above problem i had, you just need to do whats given in the link below and make sure you have set IP and DNS to Automatic in TCP|IP network properties. (You might not even have to do this if your router's default starting IP series is not and it does not conflict with the IP of the modem, should work out of the box with PPoE modem setup).

    In case you want to configure this modem yourself for any reason (not ideal), the username is admin and password is the number on the bottom of the Binatone DT815 modem, if 'password' or 'admin' does not work.

    Tips :
    1. Restarting modem \wifi \ computer in that order giving two minutes gap after power off and after restart of each will give you best chance of renewing IP address \ reset settings without issue.

    2. Reset your wifi router if have a issue during router setup and try again if it does not have internet after your first attempt. Make sure, after you connect your router to modem, the internet light is flashing in the wifi router, else check the network cables and connections.

    3. TCP\IP should be DHCP based in computer\device, i.e in Network settings - TCP|IP or TCP\IP IPV4 properties, select obtain IP and DNS automatically options.

    4. You can also use windows network troubleshooting wizard (right click - repair in windows xp) to track the exact problem after each change and attempt. Remember your problem can be because of a small mistake in the steps and that wizard can give you different errors, that can help you narrow it down.

    Thank you so much for trying to help with this essbebe, truly appreciate it.
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    Kindly post device info page of Binatone modem for records or as given in Post No.2
    Also confirm it is not a wifi model..

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