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Airtel has stopped servicing Modem

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    Default Airtel has stopped servicing Modem

    I am having Airtel broadband from last 5 years. They used to rectify Modem ( hardware) problems. Now they say they have changed policy and now it has to be done by consumer it self through vendor' service centers on charge basis.

    Who owns this modem now?
    What does (usual) client agreement say about it?

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    You could have made a NON refundable Deposit for the modem.
    for rent free usage till you retain the BB connection.

    Airtel owns the modem. usually they do not insist on return of tthe modem.

    Even earlier, their service staff, will just replace the modem or upgrade the firmware and disappear in a flash !

    If BB Server is not working ( very unlikely), they can check up and say your connection is Ok. to your house.
    The weak link is the modem.
    If you are connected to Internet , ONLINE modem settings can be checked.
    Even your computer settings via an application called TeamViewer.
    Better backup present working settings.
    ( see under Management menu )
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    There is this thing called TR-069 Client. I noticed it on my Airtel modem the last time I visited its admin pages; I don't think it was there before. It seems to make a lot of remote management possible.

    Sorry, Airtel: you want to put your fingers inside my house, I want to know what you are doing and why. I disabled it.

    As these Beetel Modems and their power supplies seem to be quite unreliable, I hope Airtel will continue to replace when they die.

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    This is true i have been having some issue with my airtel broadband and had complained about it and today the engineer called up and said, modem will not be replaced due to recent decisions .

    These guys are the worst they can make agreements and break them on their own without the consent of the other party. Stupid airtel guys!!

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    This must be the next great stupid decision from Airtel after FUP. Don't know who inspired them, BSNL has stopped supplying modems. They have outsourced the installation and repair of CPE and now the agents are having a good time.

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    This is one ultimate example of failure to protect customer right. Its just blind following of 'managed services' principle. By not giving modem Airtel has proved that they don't care how customer is using the service. its just like asking customer to buy blank SIM card from market!!

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