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Visiting India - Is this 3G speed normal for Delhi

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    Default Visiting India - Is this 3G speed normal for Delhi

    I am traveling in India for 3 months from Canada, I was told Airtel had good network, so I got Airtel 3g for my iPad test speeds are showing .02 - .1 mbps Download speeds vs 4.35 mbps on wifi. Seems very slow! What's avg. Download speed for 3g, using iPad.

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    May be your Iphone is not configured properly. because at the worst Any 3G will give atleast GPRS speed 0.2 mbps.
    Airtel gives max 7.2 mbps. But you will get that only if your phone data modem is above 7.2 mbps prefarably 14/21/28 mbps.
    If your modem is 3.6 mbps ,you will get between 1 to 2.5 mbps.
    The speed test enclodsed is with Google Nexus-s Android tethered to notebook (64 bit win7)

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    Welcome to India

    First I would like to say that 3G speed depends on area, distance from tower and availability so please update where are you going to stay in New Delhi and which places will you be visiting frequently (where you will use this 3G connection).

    I live in South Delhi and on my Vodafone 3G I never get anywhere less than 2.8Mbps speed and I know some people who claim to get 5Mbps and above on Vodafone 3G in same area.

    Greetings from New Delhi, India

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