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Breaking News :Airtel Increased Speed to 2Mbps in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities

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    Smile Breaking News :Airtel Increased Speed to 2Mbps in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities

    Hi friends
    airtel has increased speeds to 2mbps for all plans in big cities like bhopal, indore and all bigger cities
    just got a coformation from an airtel official
    its silent procedure
    and im enjoying it 2mbps at 499/pm
    in Bhopal

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    whats ur FUP?499 for 2mbps is damn cheap

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    Should be 5GB. I am on this plan. Airtel introduced such plans on areas where they have low penetration like Kerala / Karnataka / TN. Their intention back then was to attract a portion of the subscribers from BSNL / other ISPs.

    According to another post presented in this forum only 1500 subscribers are there under this plan all over India.

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    Default Nice upgrade

    Yup, that's true. What was minimum 512 kbps before is now 2 mbps by default. Rest everything remains the same.

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    In Delhi Airtel upgraded all 1mbps plans to 2mbps. But whats the use with Rs.999 and only 10gb FUP. I am on Old 999 plan with 15gb FUP and every month it gets exhausted in 20 days on moderate usage of Youtube, Voip calls(30mins/day), Video chats (15min/day) and surfing. Already stopped downloading movies as torrents are already slow on Airtel.

    Keep it up up Airtel atleast give 20gb in a month for 1000 rupees

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