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Irritating Service Providers for Airtel

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    I had very bitter experience after trying to get internet connection from Airtel through a service provider in Maduravoyal, Chennai. His name is Madan #9840661232. We have recently bought a flat near Meenakshi Dental College and Hospital in Alapakkam. We requested for the broadband from this service provider as he had put the advertisment in front of our flat saying he will give the connection in couple of days. The street is named as Sri Krishna nagar, though it is very near to Alapakkam main road, srinivasan nagar. When we contacted him, he was very nice to us and told that connection is available over there and he will provide us good service. He also came to our residence in Choolaimedu to get the form filled. The A/C no he gave was 1266119(this I found from the receipt form he gave us). The professionalism of him ended here. He said he will give the connection whenever requested as he has already done alottment and retainment, but no speedy response. I called him up repeatedly as I do internet based job and I wanted the connection badly. He gave very silly reasons for his unpromptness. I was also like very calm on my request. At last I bursed out to him asking him if he was really a service provider or some distributor sort of thing. Suddenly, he got his professionalism back and said he will let me know the status within half an hour. He called me back saying there was no node availability for my flat. My mind went to hell and came back as I had so many plans with this connection. I asked him whether he gave this reply just because I did not speak to him in a begging manner. He should have checked for the node sor of things before promising me about the connection. Is it is just a way to get business. We are about to give complaint to costumer care.

    But my question is, is this the way a service provider of Airtel should behave. Before approving them, why such a big organization like Aritel is not giving any prompt instructions. The service providers must be educated how to behave to customers and provide true service. My humble request is Airtel should take steps in identifying those type of irritating providers and must sue them to have spoilt their prestigious name. Hope the Airtel makes some steps on this regard.

    Thenmozhi Ramesh

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    Probably ONLY maligned BSNL may have Broadband services WIMAX wll/3G etc in your location.

    Since a big hospital is nearby, ( has BSNL telephone number ) other ISPS also should be providing service.

    Easy payment Bill center; Listed in Porur area.
    Chennai Fuels (IBP Bunk)1, N.S.K. Salai Alapakkam

    My Preference :
    ( Now using BSNl BB)
    Probably you have Wi5 ( (zylog ) operating in your area. check out.

    Option 1:
    Call on BSNL landline 1500 or 1504 and enquire about broadband services in your area.

    Option 2;
    If no BSNl telephone available, please visit nearest Exchange and contact CC.

    Option 3:
    Visit nearest BSNL shoppe and check Broadband availability.
    Do Not pay CASH !!!

    Option 4:
    Register for a NEW land line& broadband connection here.
    Await call/visit by BSNL franchisee.
    UDAAN PROJECT -- BSNL ( No need to log in )

    Para two:

    If you had made any payment by Cheque to AIRTEL, issue stop order to your bank. You may be charged Rs 10 or Rs 20/= as bank service charges.
    If cash payment made send email to giving all details.

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    Thank you for your detailed reply to my post.


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