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Aitel broadband-coverage area

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    Question Aitel broadband-coverage area

    i am in search of a good ISP....checked out airtel site and the only city listed in my region is HYDERABAD...but upon asking some cafe guy in my place,he said his ISP is airtel....what does it mean? Airtel is not covered in my area but how do he get that connection is supported by airtel coustomer care!!! is dat reliable as airtel!!!!

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    It maybe that the Airtel site is not updated and therefore doesn't show other cities, if a local cafe guy as an Airtel broadband connection then you will be able to get it as well. It would be best to call up Airtel customer care and as them about whether broadband is available in your region.

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    Sometimes companies dont always update all the information on their sites, so its always best to speak to the customer service and ask them about coverage and other information.

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