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Check your Airtel Broadband bill for "DSL usage charges."

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    Exclamation Check your Airtel Broadband bill for "DSL usage charges."

    I have used Airtel broadband for several months and I find that they invariably add a certain sum under the head "DSL usage charges". Currently the amount is Rs.85/=. This may strike you as odd as most plans are currently with unlimited download. If your were to inquire with their call center, you would be told that this for a service called PC Secure. The charges are added whether or not you have opted for this service. And with best updated security solutions on their PC, few people need it today.

    Once your fight over it, they will correct the bill by removing this amount and promise you that the service is deactivated and the charge will not appear again. What gets your goat is the fact that it appears again next month and the cycle gets repeated ad nauseum.

    It seems that this charge is hard coded in the billing system for fleecing the customers.

    AK Upadhyaya

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    Yes, it seems true. I was once charged this Rs.85/- though I was not using the GPRS facility. I disabled the mobile data in my mobile to get rid of this.

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    You made mistake. You should have threatened them to discontinue their service. They would have reversed the charges. I have faced similar issue recently and I sent them a mail that I would discontinue to use their service if they dont reverse back the charges. And they did reverse the charges. THese companies need know power of consumers.

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