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    Default What wireless router+modem should I buy?

    Hello everyone, I am using Airtel's Turbo 1400 - 80 GB plan and I have a 450TC1. The range on that modem is abysmal and wanted a new one with better range. My budget is pretty tight and wanted a better alternative. What do you guys suggest?

    Budget: I can shell out up to Rs. 3,000 but I'd like it I could get something for a cheaper price.

    Any of these?

    Or these?

    Thanks guys.
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    Oh and my internet disconnects a lot. I have 3 to 4 devices connected to the network and my laptop is actually pretty far from the router and it disconnects every 30 - 40 minutes. It's very annoying. I uninstalled my drivers, reinstalled, tried different DNSs, nothing works. Any idea?

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    Regarding modem you may go for Belkin N150, TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ router or D-Link 2750U.
    They are well worth for their price tag.
    Regarding the frequent disconnections, u may check whether the ADSL link in your modem is disconnecting or the Wi-Fi is diconnecting.

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