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MTNL wireless modem on AIRTEL problem

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    Question MTNL wireless modem on AIRTEL problem


    I am using airtel broadband for quite a long time. From the start I have been using my own modem, normal ADSL mtnl modem, without any problem. I have recently changed my modem with MTNL wireless modem(DNA-A212). The problem started with this one is that the network disconnect randomly of its own then connects after a while. Even the ping test on the Airtel DNS fails. I had made a complaint registered with Airtel and first they were saying they had some update issue with the server which was causing this problem and now their technician, after having seen that I'm using mtnl modem, saying it is because of the modem.
    Can any body suggest what is the cause of it??
    Any help will be appreciated

    Note: I do not have the old modem with me to verify if it is because of modem change....

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    Cool Solved

    if anyone is, or in future, is getting same issue then here is the solution which I got after irritating 5 days of discussion/testing with Airtel.
    The reason or the fault was at Airtel end.
    First they were saying that it was because of my modem, which in our India every service sector company does, Blame the customer. Then I pursued them to give their own modem to test and verify, CAUTION: Don't take their words seriously and rush to market to buy new hardware
    Then they started blaming my system for it for which I had to counter them by showing the indication LEDS on modem that the IP was being lost. Again you have to have some knowledge of your stuff, if you not geek.
    Then I had to bombard their care mail ID to get it fixed.
    Now here is some Tech part, the DSLAM card in their node was faulty and they had to change my port too at their end get it fixed. They also reset my log in details, which we have to give in modem. I think it was because at some where in their ntw the mac address of my old modem was stored, maybe at RADIUS, which was causing problem.
    It has been over 5-6 hrs that the problem has not shown up and hope it goes like this.
    Hope it is useful for any body as I think it will be worth sharing if a single soul is relieved of this agony.

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