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Airtel is a Tele"CON" company - Cheaters

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    Default Airtel is a Tele"CON" company - Cheaters

    This is with respect to being at the receiving end of worst customer service ever possible. I have a Airtel broad band connection with phone # 08041520926. This is not the first bad experience I have had, let me narrate the recent one, you can refer to the attachment for my previous experience.

    I had paid cash for a month Rs 1100 to an agent who had come home to collect the bill, I didnít bother to ask for a receipt ( normally my dad does take care of Airtel bill and he pays via cheque, the connection is in his name ). This was my mistake and I accept this to be a foolish behavior, I donít want to blame anyone here. This created confusion and bill amount kept on raising, my father is a 62 year old guy who was always under the impression that we have been paying bills on time, not being aware of we being cheated.

    Here is my problem and I think its Airtels lack of professionalism. I was told we have due of Rs.4008 by a collection agent ( Manjula, I think ) upon negotiation and explaining what has happened, she said pay Rs. 2900 and there will be nothing due till the previous day (12th Oct). she also mentioned that I will it in writing, but all I got in writing was the agents declaration on the back of the bill. I agreed and made payment via cheque on the 13th of Oct, they said I will have the connection back by 6 PM that evening however I got the connection back only by 5 PM next day. Since the connection was back I decided to give away the reliance USB I was using in absence of Airtel ( Reliance was good, since I have been using Airtel for so many years I decided to stick to Airtel). One fine day they disconnect the connection and the browser said itís because of payment not being made. I was surprised called and wanted to see whatís happening. Was hung up on, put on hold and asked for so many things ( bank statement, my God is it even LEGAL for Airtel to ask for bank statement ). Cheque has been encashed by Airtel at a later date. Because I had returned the USB and since just because someone Airtel had hired didnít do the job he/she was supposed to do, I had to travel 30 KMS every day costing me more than Rs.500 per day. Itís not only that I was cheated of my money when I paid in cash and did not collect receipt, I was also made victim of Airtels trademark unprofessional ism. Daily harassment calls were made and every time its a new person, so i have literally narrated this story at least 100 times.
    I was promised call backs several times, I didnít get any call back. Subramanya ( guy who collected the cheque) had given his team lead Harshaís number, but this guy Harsha should be commended for his ability to not answer calls. Me and my Father have called in at least 100 times and he royally ignored all calls. I have all the proof ( receipts given by Airtel, cheque clearing the account, No due in written) but still Airtel never responded.
    I have called several times and When asked for Nodalís number I was provided with a number that reaches customer service, and like always had to talk to unprofessional and rude agents.

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    airtel is big cheater. i register for new additional connection but morethan oneweek passed but no response till now, if raise complaint within 24 hours you got connection but no improvement.. how to rectify this..
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