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Rental amount increased.

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    Unhappy Rental amount increased.

    Hi all,

    I'm using airtel broadband for the past 5 years in Bangalore.

    Today i got a mail saying the rental amount is increased from Rs.700 to Rs.775.

    Has anybody else got this mail ? i just want to make sure it is not only for me

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    It cannot be just for you. Airtel or any other company cannot charge different prices from different people for the same service. Lets wait for other Airtel users to reply and see if others have got such an e-mail. Not a very good sign really. I am hoping for broadband prices to go down not up

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    When prices are increased for services they are applicable for all the users. The only time that changes in prices would be different are when a cost is given a reduced or discounted rate for a certain customer, due to their usage or plan they may have been using.

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    Airtel are generally the only company who actually ever increase their prices. There are a lot of internet users, and also a lot of competition one would have thought they would have cut down their prices.

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