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Airtel - Static IP

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    Default Airtel - Static IP


    I have recently got the airtel broadband connection with static IP address. Now i want to configure firewall/proxy server for that i will install opensource firewall in my machine. But in modem i have only RJ11 connector which is directly connected to binatone modem 850w, but in my machine RJ45 ethernet cable.

    How do i connect the RJ11 connector directly terminate to machine, is there any connector or a converter is available in market.

    Kindly let me know how to achieve this.


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    The line that comes to you from Airtel is a phone line and it will be an RJ11 cable. That RJ11 has to go into an ADSL2+ modem to establish an adsl link so that's why you have a Binatone modem and from that binatone modem you can connect your computer with an RJ45 cable directly or you can use a router to connect multiple machines if your modem does not already have a built in wifi modem.

    I do not understand why you would want the RJ11 to terminate directly into your computer as it would need a modem built into your computer then. Without the adsl modem you cannot connect to the internet.

    You can install whatever firewalls you want on your computer or you could buy a high end router that comes with juniper kind of firewalls but they do not come cheap and I dont see a point why you would need it.

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    Just out of interest : What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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