I recently got the airtel V fiber connection. It came with a modem router the specs of which are as below
Beetel 777VR1
Hardware Version REV.1.01
Firmware Version V01.00.05_2
Built Date Dec 26 2016 15:42:59

Before this connection, i was using a normal Airtel broadband configured with a Binatone modem which i had set in bridge mode to work with my router ( Netgear R6400 ). This was to avoid a double NAT situation with my router which were creating remote access issues with services like Plex.

With the new airtel Beetel modem, i am trying to setup the same configuration but it just wont work. Tried disabling the dhcp and switching to bridge mode on the Beetel modem and then connecting it to Netgear with isp login details entered into Netgear to connect to the internet - No luck.
Would be great if anyone can share the pics/steps to do the same for the Beetel 777VR1 airtel modem.