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How can i install my new Linksys WRT54G2 with Beetel 110Bx modem (Airtel)

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    Default How can i install my new Linksys WRT54G2 with Beetel 110Bx modem (Airtel)

    I recently purchased the new space age looking WRT54G2 wireless router and was trying to install the device. This version comes with a software called LELA which apparently makes the installation process a breeze. Unfortunately i sat up all night trying to figure out why the wifi wasn't detecting my internet.

    I even tried changing the Local IP of the router to from the default which was I did this because many people said that the Airtel Modem also has the same IP setting which causes interference. Anyway after many permutations and combinations and a sleepless night i still wasnt successful in installing the damn thing.

    Also, after changing the routers IP address i could never go back to the setup page no matter how many times i typed the new or the old IP address in the explorer bar. It would not open. It opened only if i reset the settings on my router.

    Also i wanted to know what is the Airtel connection type?, a PPPoE or a Static IP connection or what?

    If anyone has a step by step process to make this damn thing work it would be great.


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    Awesome guide going to get a wireless linkys router WRT54G2 so this will be really helpfull if some prob can ask u.

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    Thumbs up Simple solution, one change, and a little patience

    Hi folks,
    I too bought the same router and was wondering why it was not working. Tried many permutations and combinations, but not the one that was required.

    These are the 3 simple steps you need to do.
    1. Run the setup CD, and go through the documentation provided. This should setup the router perfectly. Nothing to worry if is says internet is not connected. The next steps are for that.
    2. Assuming, you have connected a LAN cable from your router to your PC, run your Internet Explorer (Not FF or any else, may not work properly) and go to http[colon][slash][slash] On the basic setup page, change the LOCAL ip address (of router) to (from Verify that the connection type is Automatic Configuration - DHCP. The PPPoE settings that airtel provides will still be there at your modem level. Do not worry about technical jargon, save the settings. :-)
    3. Power off your router and modem, remove unnecessary wires and wait for 2 minutes, patiently. Now power on your router, and things should be up and running.

    There is absolutely nothing else you need to do. All the best.
    And thanks to LinkSys support for the solution, they told me the DHCP thing, and the 2 minute thing, and confirmed the step.

    Hope it helps!

    Cheers, Abhiranjan

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