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Unable to update configuration settings in Netgear WGR614v7 wireless router

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    Question Unable to update configuration settings in Netgear WGR614v7 wireless router

    Hi guys,
    I have netgear WGR614v7 wireless router since a year and half.
    Everything worked fine with this router until I updated its firmware from wgr614v7_2_0_20_1_0_20_ww to wgr614v7_2_0_23_1_0_23_ww lately.
    Now, after firmware update, all the configuration settings seem to be frozen and I am unable to change any configuration on the web browsed based interface. Also, another noticeable change that occurred after firmware update was the default IP address for router changed from to
    I have tried going back to previous firmware version through "update firmware" option on this interface with no luck.
    I even tried an option that somebody suggested on one of the forum sites.
    It was to use the following TFTP command from my DOS console.
    > tftp -i PUT wgr614v7_2_0_20_1_0_20_ww
    It didnt work either!

    Anybody, any suggestions? My router seems to be in a state of shock!

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    Do a factory restore by pressing your restore button at the rear and start all over again.

    There is no point upgrading firmware as long as your machine is working in order... there is nothing called preventive maintanance for things which dont have moving parts so there is no point fiddeling around with things that are working fine.

    You would need the power to be on when you press that restore button ( you would need to use something pointed to get to that button) Just keep it pressed for a few seconds and you are done... your firm ware will go back to what it was when it was shipped out of the factory.

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    Default I even tried that

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I have tried that too.
    I tried once by pressing the button at the rear of my router (with power on) for 10 seconds. The router rebooted however I didnt find it restored to the factory settings.
    I tried one more option suggested by somebody in one of there forums.
    I kept the rear button pressed for 60 seconds - 20 secs with power on, 20 secs with power off and last 20 secs again with power on. No Luck!

    Please advice if there is something left to try or I am only left with trashing it.

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    Change IN TCP/IP obtain IP address automatically.
    Check ipconfig/all For default gateway. Is it ?
    Check fault finding page.
    54 Mbps Wireless Router WGR614v7 Reference Manual
    Sorry.Probably you have "bricked " the router.
    Download the older version of FW and try again.

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