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Airtel DTH FAQ

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    Default Airtel DTH FAQ

    Airtel DTH FAQ

    Que – Where all is the Airtel DTH service available?
    Ans. – As of now in the 62 cities of launch. (Please refer the list attached)

    Que – What all will be available in the Airtel DTH services?
    Ans – Popular broadcast channels like Star, Sony, Zee, Sun, ETV and other favorite
    Regional channels; Special interest channels like ESPN, Star Sports, Neo, WorldSpace Radio and Interactive Services etc.

    Que – How do I initiate the process for getting the Airtel DTH connection?
    Ans – First of all please confirm that the installation address is in one of the 62 cities of
    Launch. If yes, visit your nearest retailer, purchase the activation kit & get started.

    Que – What are the various options for getting the Airtel DTH connection ?
    Ans – Retailers, Airtel relationship Centres, website – Digital TV from Airtel.

    Que – Do I need to pay anything more such as Installation expenses etc. apart from the
    initial payment?
    Ans – No. The initial payment covers installation and activation charges.

    Que – How many connections can I take?
    Ans – You individual can take upto 4 connections at the same installation address.

    Que – Do I need to carry the Set Top Box ( IDU ) and the Dish (ODU) myself?
    Ans – The Set Top Box ( IDU ) will be handed over to you at the Retail counters along with activation kit containing the activation voucher . The Dish ( ODU ) will be brought by the Installation Team at the time of Installation visit.

    Que – What do I do after getting the Set Top Box?
    Ans – You need to call the call centre (Tolled No 020-401 81400 or Toll Free No. –
    1800 102 8080) for registration and fixing an appointment for installation by quoting
    your STB and View Card Number printed on the top of the box handed over to you.
    The choice of package and top-ups also needs to be communicated during the call.

    Que – When will the installation take place?
    Ans – Installation Team will reach at your residence as per the time slot available and agreed with you during your call at the call centre. Usually the time slot is available between 24 to 48 hrs.

    Que – How much time will the Installation Team take to install after they have reached
    my residence ?
    Ans – About 90 to 120 minutes (which includes appr. 15 minutes of the demonstration)

    Que – How does the service get activated?
    Ans – The service will get activated during the installation process itself.

    Que – How about the Top-ups ?
    Ans - You can take any number of top-ups on payment basis. The top-up details are as given above.

    Que – When will my top-up get activated ?
    Ans – Almost immediately after you make the request at call centre.

    Que – How do I pay for the base packages or the top-ups?
    Ans –The account can be recharged by using your credit card through IVR, internet through and Recharge Vouchers available at any Airtel retail outlet.

    Que – Can I change my base package
    Ans – No once you have bought a particular offer. The Free Subscription package will be given based on that. However if you want to change the package, you can do the same but you have to pay standard charges & there will be no refund or adjustment of the free subscription you are eligible for.

    Que – Can I change my top-ups?
    Ans – Yes. You need to call the call centre (Tolled No 020-401 81400 or Toll Free No. – 1800 102 8080)

    Que – What if I want to de-activate my Top-up?
    Ans- You need to call the call centre. However the deactivation will be effective from the start of the next monthly billing cycle.

    Que – Can I also view the Interactive services?
    Ans – This will be based on the package you choose. You can enjoy iAstro, iMatinee, iShop, and iTravel free. Other iTV applications will be available based on the package you choose.

    Que – Is initial entry price inclusive of all taxes?
    Ans – Yes. For J&K customers the package price would not attract service tax under the existing rules

    Que – Is monthly package price inclusive of taxes?
    Ans – Yes. For J&K customers the package price would not attract service tax under the existing rules

    Que – Can I connect 2 TVs with one STB?
    Ans – No. You will have to buy a separate set top box for each TV.

    Que – I already have an existing STB (non-Airtel).Can I use it to connect to Airtel DTH ?
    Ans – No this is not possible.

    Que – How do I renew my monthly subscription?
    Ans – By using your credit card through IVR, buying recharge vouchers and the web. The website address is Digital TV from Airtel. You can buy the recharge vouchers from any Airtel retail outlet.

    Que – What if I am shifting to another house ?
    Ans - In such a case , please call us at the call centre and they will take your request for relocation, However the charges for the relocation would have to be paid before by buying recharge worth the amount.

    Ques - If I am migrating from South states to North or Vice versa while I am in entry offer can I still enjoy the same entry offer?
    Ans – Yes , we are an all India service which you can enjoy anywhere in the country.

    Ques - What is the grace period to recharge the account?
    Ans The grace period is 3 days .

    Ques - What is the SLA for activation/deactivation of Genre and A-LA-Carte top ups?
    Ans -Immediately

    Ques - How many connections (without discount) can be taken with one dish under one roof (residence)?
    Ans -Upto 4 connections

    Ques - What denominations are the recharge vouchers available in?
    Ans The recharge vouchers are available in denominations of Rupees 100, 300, 500 and 1000.

    Ques - Is there a limit on the amount of cable that need to be used? If yes, will the customer have to pay some money to the Installation Engineer?
    Ans -Upto 20 meters is the standard length of wiring that is given free with each installation. In case the cable to be used exceeds 20 meters it has to be paid separately.

    Ques – What are the interactive applications available?
    Ans – iAstro - Check what your stars say
    iCity - Guide to your city. Get traffic updates and more
    iLearn - Learning is fun for kids
    iMatinee - Book movie tickets at home
    iNet - Enjoy internet on TV
    iNews - On demand news – the way you like it
    iShop - Browse latest electronic items, digicams, mobile phones, books and more.
    iSports - Enjoy multi screen view of sports, get team Info, Stats and more
    iTravel - Plan & book your holidays at home

    Ques – What is WorldSpace radio?
    Ans WorldSpace radio is India’s 1st satellite radio. You need a separate set top box and dish antenna to receive the signals. This is inbuilt into our digitalTV set top box at no extra cost. So you save Rs 1,500 on the set top box. We have 10 channels of ad free music for your enjoyment.

    Ques – What are the WorldSpace channels?
    Ans - 10 channels are available – Farishta (Hindi), Falak (Urdu), Umang (Gujarathi), Sonar (Bengali), Spandana (Telegu), Shruti (Tamil), Spin (English Pop), Gandharva (Indian Classical), Up Country (English Rock), Moksha (Wellness)

    Ques – What charges do I have to pay for WorldSpace?
    Ans – This is included in all packages – Value, Economy, Mega and Ultra for north and Value, Mega and Ultra for South. No extra charges required for WorldSpace.

    Ques – What PPV channels do you have?
    Ans – There are 3 Hindi channels, 2 Regional channels and 1 English channel

    Ques – What movies are running on them?
    Ans – We will be having from 10th October 9 movies running at a time – 3 Hindi, 2 English and 1 each in Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam.

    Refer to PPV FAQs sheet circulated separately for other details on titles running now, prices, types of tickets etc.

    Ques – If I have a problem with my Airtel digitaltv what do I do?
    Ans – Please call the call centre and we will assist over the phone or send a service engineer if required.

    Ques – How much are the charges for an engineer visit?
    Ans - The exact charges would depend on the nature of the service task to be done and approximate charges will be informed to you when you fix the appointment for a service call by our engineers.

    Ques – What do I have to do after the period of free subscription is over?
    Ans – You can choose from any of the available packages by calling the call centre and informing us about your choice. You will have to buy recharge worth the value of the package you choose prior to viewing the package.

    Ques – What packages will you have at the time my free subscription period ends?
    Ans – We currently have 7 packages – 4 for the north, 3 for the south. You can choose any of the packages that would be available at the time your free subscription period ends

    Ques – Is the STB my property?
    Ans – The STB, the dish, the antenna and all accessories including the cables, connectors and remote belong to the company.

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    Do Airtel Digital TV has Boomerang??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudarsan001 View Post
    Do Airtel Digital TV has Boomerang??
    as of yet airtel digital tv do not have Boomerang ... but i saw on some other forums that they will soon add this channel

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    How long will the connection remain valid if I don't recharge? Suppose I am abroad and not able to recharge for couple of months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariee007 View Post
    How long will the connection remain valid if I don't recharge? Suppose I am abroad and not able to recharge for couple of months.
    For most DTH, the grace period is usually 15 days. Expect the same with Airtel.

    1. You are allowed to recharge within 2 days of expiry, without late charges.
    2. After that, until the grace period, you will be asked to pay late payment fees.
    3. After grace period, you will be required to pay reconnection charges.

    You can recharge from abroad also using credit or debit card or net banking. You must know your VC/Subscriber Number. You should create an account on the self service portal of the Airtel web site.
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