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Airtel dth -- very poor service, best avoided

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    Thumbs down Airtel dth -- very poor service, best avoided


    You must have seen the ads on TV – Airtel has launched its DTH service called Digital TV. I buy one, from Saak Communication, SCO 279, Sector 32-D, Chandigarh (Phone: 0172-461995, 4616655) for Rs 2000. I am told that activation is very easy, I have to call a toll-free number: 1800 102 8080. It seems that the number can only be connected from Airtel phones, which was not told to me by this silly agent. I try for two days, then approach Saak Communications, who tell me that it is not possible. See they can get the number anytime! [Translation: the customer is a fool or a liar].

    Then a paper in the Digital TV packet tells me that Airtel has appointed nodal officers for redressal of grievances. The number for Chandigarh, 0172-467 0021 is either not functional or is overwhelmed by complaints. They just do not answer the phone. So much for the call center number and the nodal center. If they are not answering the phone now, what will they do if my system develops a snag?

    I go to another Airtel dealer, who tells me that the number cannot be dialed from any other phone apart from Airtel phones. He also tells me that the price of Digital TV is Rs 1699 and I have been overcharged by Rs 301 by Saak Communications.

    I go to Saak Communications and ask them to get the Digital TV and also tell me why they have over-charged me. They are able to do neither. They dial the toll-free number and are told that the Server is not working. I am asked to come again and again to their office till their wretched server starts functioning! A stupid looking fellow, who appears to be the owner/partner of Saak Communications, tells me that that my complaints of over charging “are not possible.”

    The situation now is that I cannot get through to the Airtel call center or nodal officer, I have already spent Rs 2000 on a gadget which has not been installed, and of course I have been overcharged by about 15%.

    I can’t get through to Airtel. Under the situation, my dreams of watching Digital TV have evaporated. I don’t know when this wretched thing will be installed.

    Airtel should have got its service systems running before launching a service. Neither the technology, nor their dealers seem to be aware as to how to handle customers. Should you then buy Airtel Digital TV? I would say no, buy Tata Sky instead. Their systems are in working order and there is an attempt to help the customer, unlike these guys at Airtel.

    Frankly, dealing with Airtel is so tiring that I regret ever buying their product. I had an Airtel phone and had to switch because they were regularly overcharging me. I wonder why I bought their Digital TV anyway.

    So buy the Airtel Digital TV only if you have an Airtel phone. But then if you have an Airtel phone, you probably know about Airtel service, in which case, you are better off with some other service provider!

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    post approved
    please check your mail and verify your email address

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    Thumbs down

    I cant believe but if its true then shame on airtel part

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    Question Its good in my Case!

    I dialled it from my Vodafone mobile and i really felt very comfortable and enjoyed their response.

    Anyways its very bad that they responded badly for you.

    Sudharshan R

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    Default Thanks for writing

    I just got a badly scribbled carbon copy paper as proof of my purchase for airtel dth - need say more - better avoid this dth like plague

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    I will say that TataSky and DishTV are the best DTH services in India. No doubt that some will have complaints but overall the satisfaction level has been high with these providers.
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