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Airtel DTH - Sub standard service-:hang:

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    Default Airtel DTH - Sub standard service-:hang:

    Hi All,

    I would like to share my experience with the poor after sale service of this big company.

    I have subscribed for Airtel DTH from Jan'2009 which includes a six months free offer. Everything was fine till 13.04.09.Then the telecast stopped and I am getting a msg on my screen that your card is not valid. I called up their customer care and get assurance that engineer from Airtel will visit my home within 24 hrs. However nobody came and I am trying to get the proper answer even after 48 hrs.

    Its very surprising that a renowned company like Airtel can have such poor infrastructure and after sale service.

    I am totaly frustrated with Airtel DTH.



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    Where are you located? Usually, people have reported good things about Airtel. But I have heard of bad experiences also.

    I am sure that these are teething problems and you should get your problems sorted out soon. Not saying that I am an Airtel supporter but do post your feedback soon.
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    Default Taken for a ride

    I have given request for re installation of Airtel digital TV at my new address in Bangalore.
    Each time I give a complaint a new complaint no is generated.
    Customer Code: 3000183956
    Complaint Codes: 1144724,1155758
    Moreover after every call I am given a new appointment date & time

    . For the last three days( 2nd October to 4th October) I have been given at least 10 different time slots.
    Neither is my request processed nor am i getting contact details of any authorized Airtel Service Engineer.

    This is simply harassment by Airtel.

    ( Pl note that all payments regarding this connection IN ADVANCE has been made to AIRTEL).

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    Try to contact Nodal Officer of your region.
    details of Nodal Officer given in web site of airtel digital TV. u can ask that from customer care also, they are bound to give you, insist on that.
    lodge conplain with Nodal Officer, it works.

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    Thumbs down Most Bad CustomerCare and Service in Indian DTH service providers: Airtel DTH

    Bought a south top up plan with airtel,after 2 months of stopped and says that the card is not authorized even after a pay back...when u call the great customer care out of 100 calls to the center gets through their...great IVR....if you are lucky or the combination of the key press is might get into ....then comes our great customer service personnals...saying sorry all the time and never tires of the sayinng..(Airtel pays incentives on number of sorry they say)...then they raise a ticket and says the problem wil be solved in 3 days ...and you have to wait...even if you call up the second day of frustration they say "sir the third day has not occured and once you reach the 3 rd day 5:00 pm you will be lucky ...the waiting continues...the fateful day arrives and the 5:00 pm goes by...ur DTH wil still say ...u are not authorized and my money in their account says ... u are authorized...the waiting still continues..."My fatefull 3 rd day 5:00 pm has not arrived"....

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