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Does HD transmission Work?

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    Question Does HD transmission Work?

    Hello all,
    Got a query. I have a ACER B273H LCD monitor. It supports full HD. I got a Airtel HD set-top box with a HDMI port. So I use the monitor as a PC monitor as well as a TV. And it works.
    I subscribed to National Geographic - HD, which currently is the only HD channel. But the problem is that I dont get a 1080i resolution. Instead everytime I go inside the settings of the HD set top box and set it to 1080i, it stays black for sometime and then bounces back to 576i(which is the least resolution supported by the Set top box).
    On asking the Service engineer, he says that full HD service is yet to be live, and that it would be enabled only in Jan. And he mentioned it is the same with everyone. Am lost here.
    Can someone tell me, if am being a made a fool of. Could someone confirm that they are able to view full HD resolution using their Set top box?

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    There are two channels in India discovery and Nat Geo that are in true HD. They provide a resolution 1080i. Other DTH providers do get it in 1080i.

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    Default True HD


    Airtel, Videocon doesnt have HD channels yet, rest all DTH operators has HD channels (NGC and Discovery only). Sun and Dish TV upscaled some of their channels to HD, but not true HD.

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