Its been one week since I am waiting for my HD STB Installation. Airtel CC is pathetic, one day they are telling you order is booked & another day they are telling its not. Here is timeline of my headache …

12th Feb
Bought new Bravia (HD STB included in offer need to be provided by Airtel)

13th Feb
Customer Id is generated.

15th Feb
CC guys Chand / Chandrasekhar asked details like Activation code / LCD Model no /Serial No & selected my packages booked the order & gave me installation time slot 16 Feb 5:00 pm.

16th Feb
When I called back on 16 Feb I came to know my order was not booked ...useless fellow & I was asked to recharge with 1000/-.

My question here is how can believe a CC guys when I am full of their misleading I thought I will make CC payment against my registered phone no ..n then again new drama started… My Customer ID was generated on 13 Feb but as per IVR my Cell no is also not updated in Airtel’s database…its more ridicules when CC guys says it’s updated.
Then on the same day, I spoke to one of the supervisor Gurpreet also he ensure me that no will be updated in24 hrs & will give me a call back…but again as expected all these thing are of no use.

17th & 18th

Now again same story as on 16th and they are directing me to make payment on Customer ID but not giving any solution so that I can make payment against my cell no#...can’t even make a complaint.

All They are telling is sorry for misleading information & make payment you will get help..haha Even these ppl not aware about difference in HDMI cable & Normal AV Cable which cable is provided with HD STB.

I spoke to 7-8 guys namely (Chand/ Neeraj/ Devraj/ Shubham/ Gurpreet/ Abhijeet Kumar choubey/ Abhjeet ). I am having each call recording.

A person is ready to become a customer a these CC can’t give right information. It’s a Shame on Airtel Digital.
My questions here are …

(1) Everyone experiencing this or this is special privilege for me only..??
(2) My detail Active PIN information & LCD info given to CC are safe or it can be misused??
(3) My first experience with Airtel Digital is so wonderful, I am thinking what will happen if I go with monthly recharge??

(4) I am trying from last week to get registered on Airtel website also

https : / / / care / RetailUserRegistration /

but getting same stupid message from last one week ..
“We are unable to process your request. Please try again later. Regret the inconvenience.”

(5) Is there any method so that I can identify that my phone no is updated correct only & the customer Id they are telling is authenticated? Do we get messages from Airtel like “Your Number registered” or “Your Customer ID Generated” b’coz I didn’t gat any. Neither I am able to authenticate this customer ID at Airtel’s website.

I know writing this post is so time-consuming but I had to do that. Someone has to raise this issue to make other customer aware…already customer satisfaction is not a priority for services providers in INDIA.