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Bad experience with Customer care people, Engineers and local dealers

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    Default Bad experience with Customer care people, Engineers and local dealers

    Hi All,
    My name is Koteswara Rao and I have been using Airtel DTH for 8 months. My Customer ID is 3005306467. I took Airtel Dth connection in Chennai. I got transfer from Chennai to Hyderabad. So I called the Airtel DTH people on 17th April 2011 and asked them to come to home on 27th April 2011 for de-installation and re-installation of Airtel Digitel TV. The Request No is 7393515. They said we will come on time for the removal of Umbrella. But no one came to my home on that day. I keep on called them. I waited two days, but no use. For this reason, I called the some local guys to remove my umbrella.
    Again I called the Airtel DTH people on 27th April 2011 and asked them for re-installation in Hyderabad. At that time they were talking about the de-installation. I told them like no one came to my home and I only take care of the De-installation. Finally I requested them like at least try to come to Hyderabad on time to install the Airtel DTH.
    They said ok and took the new request id: 7607272. I came to Hyderabad on 4th May 2011 and called them. Still no one came to my Home for installation process. So many times I called the customer care people, but they didnít respond. Some guys are lifted my phone and cut again without intimate. Even if I ask anyone to connect the senior management, they said ok and put me hold 15 to 20 mins. This was happened me twice in a couple of days.
    Finally some guy called me on 7th May 2011 and told that I will come tomorrow for re-installation. I felt little bit happy and said OK to him. I waited for him up to evening; I didnít receive any call from him. So I called him so many times. He didnít lift my phone. I called him from alternate number. Surprise He lifted my phone and said that I am sorry sir. I am in function. I will come tomorrow. Really I was surprised about him and said OK.
    After that I didnít get call from him. So many times I called him. No response from him. In the mean time, I called so many times to the customer care people; these people were also behaving same only.
    12th May 2011, I called customer care people with frustration. Some lady attempts my call. She asked me about the reason. I explained my problem to her. She listened completely and told me that Sir, Your account balance is -15RS, so you need to recharge your account. Really I frustrated her and said like without seeing the TV how can I pay. Even if I delay two days, you people ask recharge. What about my complaint and I asked her like shall I disconnect my service due to your bad service. She simply calm and disconnected my call. After some time I got message like your service is disconnected and complaint number is 7655735. I surprised to see that message and again called the customer care people. They didnít respond my call.
    After two days, I got the message like your ticket is resolved and your service is disconnected. God what should I do now? I was in the Roaming and customer care people were not responding.

    13th May 2011, I got one Airtel Dealer show room phone number through net and called them. One lady lifted my call. I explained everything to her and asked her help. On behalf of me she called the customer care people. Again they took the ticket and committed to come to home on that same day (13th May 2011). I waited for them on that day. No one came to home.

    14th may 2011, one guy called me asked about my address and told that I will come in the evening. When I asked these guys for what time they will come. They simply said that we will call you before one hour. I waited for him up to evening, I called him back. That guy told me like some other department will take care of your request and better to call them. He gave that department number. I called that department and explained my problem asked them to come to my home. Initially they said OK, but after some time, they called me and said that we wonít come today. I asked them when you will come. Finally they said we donít come because of the some other calls. I asked them that I am also your airtel person. Finally they said that if you want, you have to wait. Otherwise you can call customer people. What should I say.

    With lot of frustration I waited for them two days. No one came to home.

    17th May 2011, I got call from Airtel Customer care people and one guy asked me like feed back of the customer service. I said him that bad, fraud commitment. Again I told him my problem and he registered complaint for me.
    Guys! I had registered the request on 27th April 2011. Today 18th May 2011. Almost 21 days passed. Still I have been waiting for them only. I donít know exactly when my problem will solve.

    I am really no hope and how to complaint also. Really I am asking one question to Airtel Dth people like Is this the way youíre treating your customers. Is this the manner to treat your customers?
    Really I want give the complaint on this Service. Please help me how to complaint on them.

    Koteswara Rao

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    (1)can you not make a complaint on line ?
    (2)Your subscriptionis valid still ?
    (3)Do you renew on line or buy some card ?
    (4)Do you have the dish/cables/and settop box ?
    (5)Get the help of a dealer ( selling DD DTH) to install it.
    (6)He will/may orient it the dish correctly for Airtel DTH>
    (6a)or you may get FREE DD DTH if setop box is not locked to Airtel !
    (7)This forum is not connected to AIRTEL( God bless them !)
    in any way.
    (8)Members try to help users like you.
    Feedback item wise. ( short and sweet !)

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