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Airtel DTH A big mistake!

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    Default Airtel DTH A big mistake!

    I have been a Tata Sky subscriber since 3 years and a very satisfied one at that. But, recently i was wondering why they have so less channels compared to other DTH players and decided to go for a new DTH Network.

    After checking on lots of players, finally decided to go in for Airtel DTH in HD!

    That was the biggest mistake I did! The quality of Airtel is so bad, The picture pixalletes, Clarity is so low, The signal doesn't go above 40%, packages asked for are not given, instead they are doing the opposite of what I wanted!!! HD was supposed to be good, but the sound in HD was low in some channels and High in other channels. Complained to them on the all these issues. They sent a engineer and he blames our LCD TV! Cmon, the same tv which was giving crystal clear images from my tata sky set top box!!!!

    Finally after a frustrating full week, I decided to go back to TATA Sky, which seems like the best decision I have taken!!!


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    Today tata sky axed animax channel so now i have to buy airtel ? Or can i buy something else. When tata sky doesnt provide fav channels will have to go to something new na
    Is the ordinary airtel ok i.e without hd

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