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Go for Airtel DTH if you can forget watching TV for several weeks!

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    Default Go for Airtel DTH if you can forget watching TV for several weeks!

    My Airtel DTH connection is just over a month old. Out of which more than 15 days it has not workled. Today the 15th day after complaining and the problem still continues. How shameless are they to call me again & again and ask me if the problem got resolved? Don't they have any contact with their service department? No one comes to resolve, they expect my problem to be resolved mysteriously without someone visiting my place?
    Everyday i get a call by a new person, asking me the issue i have been facing and my address etc. etc.. Worst service i have ever seen. When they take long time for a problem in the heart of Bangalore city how can they reach rural villages or other towns.
    Even a simple daily-wage worker keeps his promises, but not the Airtel DTH team.

    Finally when i requested for a cancellatino of subscription and a refund, their reply is, they are not able to refund the money, but the rest of the recharge pending in my account can only be returned!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my honest feedback, hope it helps others.

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    Thx for the feedback.........this is very very usseful to me....b Cz ....I am about to buy / subscribe airtel.............

    Now i have to think................

    thanks bro for honest feedback.

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