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Airtel DTH and its Packages

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    Default Airtel DTH and its Packages

    Airtel DTH has a number of interesting packages for its subscribers. The packages try to woo its subscribers to go for long term subscriptions by giving them additional savings on long term plans.
    As of now, it has 11 packages starting from Rs. 1750 per year to Rs. 5450 per year. These channels can be subscribed on monthly basis as well. Each package has its own bouquet of interactive services. The list of interactive services include 10 service offerings:
    iCity Provides information about your city.
    iLearn Helps you to learn about various things serves as a kind of encyclopedia.
    Games This features many interesting games.
    iMatinee You can book for various movie shows to watch in through your Airtel DTH.
    iAstro Provides astrological profiling and daily fortune.
    iNet You can select your astrological profile.
    iNews Easiest way to watch news from various channels.
    iShop Best way to shop from home and find discount shopping.
    iSports This is full of fun and sports fans will love it.
    iTravel Coolest way to plan your holidays and travel destinations.
    The 1750 package comes with 83 channels and 5 interactive services. Along with this pack, you get a free offer of super value pack subscription for 3 months. The next pack is 1850 with 89 channels and the free offer here is for New Value pack subscription for 3 months, here too you get 5 interactive channels. You get 113 channels and 7 interactive channels at Rs. 1950. The next package is Rs. 2100 and you get 136 channels and 9 interactive services. The free offer here is for New Mega Pack subscription for 3 months. If you pay Rs. 2300, you can get 143 channels and 10 interactive channels with free offer of Ultra Pack subscription for 3 months. In the next higher pack, you get only 136 channels but you get a free offer of 6 months free subscription of New Mega Pack and 9 interactive services. With super value pack free offer, you get 83 channels for Rs. 2600 with 12 months super value pack subscription. You get 5 interactive services along with this package. Ultra pack subscription free offer for 6 month costs you Rs. 3500 and gets you 143 channels and 10 interactive services. This list goes on and the higher the package value the more the channels and better the savings.
    These packages try to target the upper class and the upper middle class. While the other DTH operators try to concentrate on the middle class and lower middle class people. As of late, Airtel DTH has clubbed its offer with Airtel talk time. You can get your new connection at Rs. 2000 along with 3 months subscription and 1000 minutes of free Airtel to Airtel talk time on your prepaid Airtel mobile. This offer tries to increase its prepaid customers as well. However, this can discourage people who already use other mobile services and post paid Airtel services.

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    The prices mentioned in this post do not apply any more. Please search using the search function on top right for latest tariffs.

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