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Free Airtel Pocket TV for two days

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    Default Free Airtel Pocket TV for two days

    As the election results are very close, Airtel is providing free TV viewing to its customers on their Pocket TV mobile application. Airtel customers across India can watch the results live from their mobile phone for free. The free viewing will only be for news channels where the results will be told.
    The free viewing time is on the 15th May and 16th May, after this the free service will be stopped. If users wish to have this application and use it all the time the cost for it is Rs60 per month which allows you to view about 150 live TV channels and also video content.

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    Airtel some how keeps looking for ways to rip people off their money one way or the other. There must be a hidden agenda in this too.

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    Pocket TV, seriously if someone has enough time to watch TV on their mobile why not sit in front of the TV. This TV service is a load of rubbish. DTH companies have started it as well.

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    I think people subscribe to it just to see what it is like and then get it disabled. Thats what makes them money I think.

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