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Airtel Hello Tunes

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    Default Airtel Hello Tunes

    Getting your Airtel Hello tune is so simple and easy now! Like the Airtel ad says Gaana Bolo Hello Tune pao!!

    How to choose Hello Tune
    All you need to do to get your Hello Tune is dial 543215 and say the name of the song, name of the album or movie that you want a song from, then simply select the song for it to become your Hello Tune.

    Charges for calling Hello Tunes is Rs1 per minute.

    You can also send an SMS of the song, album or movie name that you require for your Hello Tune, to 543215, which is toll free.

    To download a song the charges are Rs15 and the monthly subscription is Rs30 per month.

    How to Download Hello Tune

    To download your Hello Tune you need the song code, and using the code you can immediately get your desired Hello Tune.

    SMS the SET songcode to 543211 or you can call 543211

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    thanks for the detailed instructions!

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    Is it a 24 hour service? Because no one seemed to answer when I call, even an answering machine. Whatever the case maybe, I hope the service is just down for a while. Thank for this by the way. You even gave a detailed instruction for this.

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    I have said in another post - "Hello Tunes" is a major rip off. You are paying so that someone can listen to a song? Eeesh.
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    Default bewkoof

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