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Mcheck most irritation wanna check.

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    Default Mcheck most irritation wanna check.

    Hopeless service from airtel, if u recharge ur prepaid using Mcheck any offers even the full talk time is not appliable. Why do they promote Mcheck every time u switch on the phone?

    I recharged Aircel with 98 for unlimited internet using npay and it got activated with in a few seconds.

    Seriously have been a fan of airtel since its launch , but now can't help moving far from it.

    Aircel quality is only good in selected areas, but using it for unlimited gprs usage and internet radio, as i can listen to telugu radio in karnatka.

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    333 full talktime is applicable on Mchek. the rest has the usual tax and service deductions.
    also min amount has to be 100
    for me max has been 500 although sometimes ive been able to rec more than that
    good for emergencies (only ?)
    some amount im not sure 10-20Rs is charged extra for each recharge

    (needs a credit card) (or debit also but i dunno much abt that)

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    Best way is to actually go to a shop and get a recharge done, easy, simple and secure.

    Quote Originally Posted by chinuku View Post

    I recharged Aircel with 98 for unlimited internet using npay and it got activated with in a few seconds.
    Is this offer still running from Aircel, Rs98 for unlimited internet usage?

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