There are a large number of mobile subscribers around the world and especially in India sending and receiving SMS every second or minute but unaware of what number are used to send SMS, how many numbers are there and what are they called. These numbers are very short, actually shorter than normal phone numbers, are significantly used to send SMS from subscriber to the service provider.

If you are a customer of Airtel service provider you would have sent many times SMS or MMS to your friends, kids or colleagues on many occasions to wish birthday, marriage anniversary and parties on their 10 digits number but, if you remember you would not have sent your SMS to Airtel on any 10 digits number instead of that there was a 5 digit number starting from 5 like 57057. In addition, these short codes are also used to send SMS to participate online games shows and competition to answer the questions.

If you are an Airtel subscriber, you will have unlimited offer to enjoy by this SHORT CODE:

Polyphonic ring-tones
Mp3 tones
Video tones
SMS tones
Full track audio and video
National and international news
Weather updates
City guides
Hot spots
Restaurants & night life
Banking & m-ticketing,

In addition to this, you can also have the benefit of more services such as instant messaging, dating, chatting and blogging. Airtel provides you updated information and fresh content.

Short codes are generally designed to be remembered easily so that the customer does not have any problem to read and write. If you are going to use short service, always keep in mind that you may be charged more than normal SMS service.