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How do I check my credit in airtel post paid

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    Default How do I check my credit in airtel post paid

    Bharti Airtel is the leader in Telecom Industry in India. Most of the subscribers of Bharti Airtel, want to opt for post paid connection in order to keep a tab on their expenses. Thanks to recession, it has become extremely important that one spends within limits. The various post paid connections are designed for various groups of people and their requirements. One of the constant fears in case of post paid connection is running out of balance. One would certainly not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no balance in their kitty to make a call. Thanks to airtel, checking their credit in post paid connection is extremely simple. No matter, where you may be, you will always have full control over your mobile balance.
    Airtel offers this unique feature called “HOW TO KNOW YOUR POSTPAID CREDIT”. In this case, you need to register in the official site of Airtel and create a password for yourself. It is almost like having a separate account of yours, through which you can check and monitor each and every single movement in your post paid balance. Now, checking available credit in airtel post paid plan is simply a click away.
    In order to get yourself registered on this website you simply need to follow the path way Mobile Prepaid, Broadband, Postpaid Mobile, DTH Services in India: Airtel .This leads you to the desired page, where you need to fill in all your personal details in order to generate an account in your name.
    This account can also be used to check balance of Digital TV, EDGE and Airtel Live. In short, this user id and password gives you access to monitor any Bharti Airtel service opted by you.
    One can also check their credit by sending an SMS.

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    can u tell me my balance

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