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Converting from Postpaid to Prepaid...

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    Smile Converting from Postpaid to Prepaid...

    Hey guys ,
    I've been using Airtel for the past 4-5 years. My connection is a postpaid connection. I am currently residing in Pune, Maharashtra. I generally get a monthly bill of 500/-. The plan which I am currently using is PATHETIC.
    The rate for all the calls is 1 re/min !!! and one message costs me 50p. So I've decided to go the prepaid way. So I need you guys to suggest me a good plan/package. I do a lot of messaging and decent amount of local calling. I use an Android device so I'll be needing GPRS too.

    So if you guys have got any suggestions please help me. Thanks a lot !


    P.S.: I am just changing the connection from Postpaid to Prepaid and not buying a new card in case you are wondering.

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    BUMP !!! Still need help guys.

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    How about Mobile Number portability to another provider?
    You retain the present number.
    If you visit a cellphone shop, they have the details for most providers/plans..
    Seems BSNL is also offering many additional sops.

    If your cellphone is 3G type:

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