I have purchased a Nokia X2-01 QWERTY as my secondary device. It came with Airtel 100mb/month offer for 12 months. Upon inserting the SIM and booting it, it saved certain settings such as Airtel, NOP, Airtel Live and 'airtellive mobileinternet'.

The problem is that Nokia X2-01 has a different GPRS settings schema than my WM6.5 powered HTC HD2.

In Settings > Configuration

I have these confusing options: Default Configuration Settings, and Preferred Access Point

Def. Config settings has following options:
Airtel Internet
Airtellive mobileinternet

Preferred Access Point has following options:
Airtel Internet
Airtellive mobileinternet

So please tell me, what options should I choose in these both options.
According to Airtel's offer page, this offer cannot be deactivated before 12 months of use. And offer is 100 MB per month for 12 months for social networking, IM and push email. Does this mean additional charges for Internet browsing? If so, how can I use another internet pack in addition to this offer pack.

Has any Nokia X2-01 owner been able to use this offer on Airtel.