I am living in Eldeco Colony, Raibareilly Road, Lucknow. Though AirTel has towers all around their signal is very weak for making or receiving calls from inside one's house. I need to step out of the house to make or receive calls and yet there are call drops. I have made numerous complaints to their customer service but no avail. This is a problem being faced by other residents in my locality for upteen years with their service provider being AirTel.

What is the view of members regarding Vodaphone? At the time it was owned by Hutch one could even make or receive calls from the basement of a house/building.

I had not switched over to another service provider because there was no number portability. Now as the same is available I am on the lookout for another with good signal strength.

I am using pre-paid connection. Post-paid sucks in the case of all mobile service providers including broadband with Tata Photon Plus being the worst of the lot.