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Airtel caller tunes activated for no reason

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    Default Airtel caller tunes activated for no reason

    I use an Airtel mobile number and to my surprise instead of normal ring people who call me hear kirtan and bhajans for some reason and I called up Airtel customer service to ask whats going on and guess what... The customer service agent says there is nothing he can do so I asked him to transfer the line to a supervisor or someone who can do something about it and he promptly transfered my line to a supervisor who introduced himself as supervisor and I had to ask him if he has aname as well and he gave me his name Inder Kumar ... Now my problem is I dont want my callers to listen to gurdwara kirtan or mandir bhajan or anything for that matter so I said to him that I dont want people to get this music and want the good old ring sound and Mr Inder Kumar says its automated and he cant do anything about it and this will go away in 24 hour! I said I dont want to wait 24 hours do it right away and he promptly says this is not possible... had a heated exchange and I hanged up.

    My question to this company Airtel is that who gave you the permission to use my number for advertisments?

    Airtel presense id Airtel uses on different forums is gonna get a boot very soon if I dont recieve a written and hand signed appology from Airtel and a refund of 10-15 paisas I spent on this phone call to call customer care.

    Do it or I make you do it one way or the other... Last time around your managers kept calling my mobile for like 15 days in a row to appologise for the screwup you did with my bill... Your managers know my name and hate me to bits... Some of you lost your jobs thanks to me... I am going to eat a few jobs again.

    My name is Parminder Chahal and I am the only Parminder Chahal from Newdelhi. Enough reading ... get down to work now.

    Stop this music **** on my number! "NOW"

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    This matter has been resolved to my satisfaction.

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